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Go for something unique.

Buy from an artist featured in this year's FLIP.

Richard Morgan
Introduce your girl to the original picture book series "Pinkie" by that good ol' Pommie Richard Morgan, aka Maddie Rose. This series was inspired by his daughters. Help send them to college - buy the series!

And read about Richard in FLIP 11.

Alex Williams

The solicitor turned animator created the comic strip "Queen's Council" from his experiences in the law profession. And yes, it is very funny. Alex, featured in FLIP 12, had his fifth collection of cartoons, "Lawyers Uncovered", published this year.

Buy a book, or go for something extra special - buy an original cartoon!

Tim Hauser
Have you picked up "The Art of Wall-E"? Well pick it up. Go on.

Now look closely at the cover. There, down at the bottom, in that tiny slither of brown. Next to the credit for Andrew Stanton's foreward in white letters is another credit, in black. What's it say?....

By Tim Hauser! Yes, that's our Tim, from FLIP 16's "Bugs Bunny is Dead" article. He's the author of this top notch art-of book. Get one!

Xeth Feinberg
Mr. MishmashMedia was featured in FLIP 13. His bizarre character creations include his tribute to the rubber hose age "Bulbo" and his completely bizarre, slightly disturbing, what-the-hell-is-it creation "Papu" - both now available in all sorts of CafePress merchandise. Buy a button! Buy a mug! OR for that special someone, the Papu thong!

Bennie Wallace

The score composer was part of August FLIP's "Regarding Sound" article. His is not jazz for sissies. Hear Bennie rip it up on sax with his latest "Disorder at the Border".

And check out his website.

Esther Barr

Make a lasting impression with one of Esther's one-of-a-kind metal art pieces. Featured in FLIP 16, her work combines the detail and fluidity of an illustration with the texture of working in relief.

Contact Esther!

George Griffin

Also part of FLIP's "Regarding Sound" article, George has been an independent filmmaker since the Nixon administration. Add this collection of George Griffin shorts to your animation library.

Jeff Pidgeon

Who wouldn't like a Happy Beaver?

This is a vinyl toy of the highest quality, created by an artist of the highest quality (also made of vinyl). And the box it comes in is cool too! Buy it!

See Jeff discuss his hilarious toy creation in FLIP 11.

Nancy Beiman

Nancy remembers Jack Zanders in FLIP 10, and wrote the book on storyboarding, literally. If you haven't picked up "Prepare to Board" yet, what are you waiting for....Kwanzaa?

Tom Sito

Tom knows the damnedest things about history, as seen in Flip 9. His book, "Drawing the Line" is the first to chronicle the history of organized labor in American animation. Its an amazing, sometimes hilarious read of scrawny little animators, gangsters, and movie tycoons.

Sue Blanchard

March's featured artist offers up her off-kilter folk art illustrations in skechbooks, cards, and original works. Really fun stuff here - check it out!

And learn more about Sue Blanchard's work in FLIP 11!

Ann Telnaes

Animator turned editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes, featured in FLIP 14, presents a collection of her Pulitzer Prize winning cartoons. If you purchase her book, you get to keep her Pulitzer for a day.*

Dean Yeagle

Dean created Mandy, a sexy, free spirited young woman with a knack for having her clothes fall off.

Dean offers up a varitey of sketch books and posters. For the adolescent (or arrested adolescent) male in your house!

Dean's remembers Jack Zander in FLIP 11.

Signe Baumane

Signe's unusual bedtime stories graced FLIP's "L" page last January. Here's ten more stories, all animated out for you. Support indie filmmakers, add "Ten Animated Films" to your animation library.

James Baker

Check out Jamie's hilarious account of having his laptop swiped in "Hot Chocolate in the Tenderloin". Pick from a collection of original comics and sketchbooks on his site.

*buyers not living in Ann's house ineligible.

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