June/July '09  


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Amanda Visell

FLIP: How would you describe your style?

AMANDA: Oh, I dont usually. I get grouped with lowbrow or cartoony art. I do try to make art that you can't really pinpoint when it was made.

FLIP: Where did you learn to paint?

AMANDA: Well I didn't really, I mean I had to learn to paint somehow, but I dont think there's a where. I'm a high school drop out, didn't go to college, but I always have done art. I moved to Los Angeles to try to get into animation and in the process hand painted Swedish clogs. I think thats the first time I painted.

FLIP: How did you get into toy-making?

AMANDA: Begging. Designing for it before I had any. Luck and location.

FLIP: Do you actually construct the toys?

AMANDA: Well sometimes I sculpt them, sometimes I don't. If they are the smaller run limited figures I'm much more hands-on than with larger run toys.

FLIP: Could you describe your painting process?

AMANDA: Chaos control. I dont know, I just paint what I like.

All artwork in this article is the property of Amanda Visell.

FLIP: How do you arrive at your subject matter?

AMANDA: It depends, sometimes I plan and plan and it evolves and sometimes I just start in without knowing what I'm doing.

FLIP: Can you recall your earliest artistic influence, be it a person or thing?

AMANDA: Maybe Garfield.

FLIP: What artists do you look to for inspiration ?

AMANDA: Artists that got what I don't got. Technique or personality, whatever it is, trying to figure out how it got there.

FLIP: You have a toy line with Disneyland. What's that about?

AMANDA: I worked with Disneyland on the anniversaries of a few of their attractions which sometimes included original art and product lines.

FLIP: Do you have exhibits? Where can one buy your work?

AMANDA: I do, my next show is an all metal show in Chicago July 10th at Rotofugi. You can buy some of my art and products at our online store. Myswitcheroo.com, we're launching it in before June 6th just in time for the release of my new Dragon Scout vinyl toy.

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