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Timing for Animation
Tom Sito has updated this classic primer for 21st century advances. Tom was very careful to write the new parts to match the Halas and Whitaker original.

ONLY $19.77 on!

Not even two sawbucks! G'wan, whassamattawidyoo?

'57 Nomad

T. Dan Hofstedt's music puts you on the shores of Waikiki with the sounds of his slack guitar - not to be confused with steel guitar! This is the real deal - the guitar work beautiful and recording quality top notch.

Contact Dan at

This is Jack Lord. Aloha.

Teat Beat of Sex
Signe Baumane's DVD of hilariously frank talk about sex. You'll laugh, you'll blush, you'll get sent to H.R. if you watch it at work. Not for kids nor Quakers.

$19.00! Do it!

The Art of UP
Tim Hauser is not just a fan of animated films, he knows what makes them tick from the inside out. So when it comes writing an ART OF book, no one tops him..

$40.00 at Chronicle Books

ShelRae Jewelry

Shelley Buck has created groovy custom jewelry for some of the most fab b-list celebrities in Hollywood. Ladies, get on her list! Gents, get your lady something cool for a change! Bling bling and all that!


The Cryptid Case Files

Beth Sleven created this far out childrens' book in the form of a top secret case file full of bizarre creatures sprung from Beth's own noodle. Beth's idea, Beth's story, Beth's arwork. All beautifully executed in 72 pages of full color fun.

$15.00 hardcover. Man, that's a deal!

Steve Leiva's first novel is as clever and twisted as the man himself. Like something out of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", Steve weaves farcical cautionary tales for adults. Read a nice fat excerpt from the novel in FLIP #20.

$14/95! Support a mad genius!

Mark Beam Art

The most unusual gifts may just be a Mark Beam original. His work is hilariously hip.

He's got one Howdy Buddha left!
Only $800!

David Weidman Prints

Who wouldn't love a print from David Weidman? If the vibrant colors don't get you, the graphic treatment of his subjects will. Surprisingly affordable too!

Treat yourself! Pick one here!

Ed Wexler Prints

Ed's sublime caricatures are works of art in themselves. Choose one for your home or office!

Prices from $25 to $40. Are you kidding??

Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol

Darrell Van Citters wrote and published this story of the making of the first animated TV special. Darrell pieced together a definitive account of the production from concept through completion.

Get you geek on! $29.95!


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