May '10

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On Sunday, June 13, we'll hold a fund-raising benefit auction at the Animation Guild for animator Pres Romanillos. Pres was diagnosed with leukemia a couple of years ago, and had a successful bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, he's relapsed, and is back in treatment. Because of the long time Pres was off work with the initial illness and treatment, and the ancillary costs that insurance doesn't cover, he and his wife are in a tough financial situation.

I'm the ringleader of the auction, and many of his friends and colleagues are also contributing time and art to make this happen. The Animation Guild, for whom Pres used to be an executive board member, is contributing the physical location for the auction and logistical support. Howard Lowery is assisting with the actual auction, for which we're very grateful. The folks at DreamWorks have stepped up to help in every way they can. People are just coming out of the woodwork to lend a hand, which is very gratifying.

The first person I talked with was Chad Frye, who was the main person behind the 'Help the Hodges' effort recently, and he gave me lots of good advice and tips. Right now it's been a matter of coming up with a plan, setting up a web site and a Facebook group, scanning artwork, and lots and lots of phone calls. As the artwork comes in, and the events get closer, there will be the task of collecting the artwork, scanning/photographing, writing it up, posting it, making up a catalog, planning the reception, setting up the auction, and running some eBay auctions. And there's lots of publicity to do, which right now is taking on a life of its own.

On Friday, June 4, the Animation Guild will host a reception at 1105 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank. The art will be displayed both in Gallery 839 and the large upstairs meeting space. There will be refreshments served, and this will be part of the 'First Friday' series of events at the Animation Guild. We're planning to have a silent auction for some items, and we're also planning to have kits available for those who are willing to become part of the bone marrow donor registry (all the test involves is a swab of one's inner cheek).

Some pieces will be sold through eBay. We'll give more details as this develops, and the extent of this portion of the auction will depend upon the number and nature of the donations we receive.

On Sunday, June 13 at the Animation Guild, we will hold the main auction venue where we're planning on auctioning off 100 pieces of art. We're working with our friend Howard Lowery, the expert on animation auctions, and we're deeply grateful for his participation. We anticipate being able to handle phone bidding for those who cannot be in Burbank that day.

Check for updates as the dates get closer.

We have original animation drawings, cels, cartoon art, illustration art, and animation maquettes. We're still in the process of contacting some of the animators and designers who have worked with Pres, and so we've only seen the tip of the iceberg so far. As pieces come in and are photographed or scanned, I'll post them on the site.

Pres is stable and in good spirits. He's tolerating the chemotherapy well, and he's in very good hands at City of Hope in Duarte. The great news is that he has a bone marrow donor who is a match, and who will donate when Pres is ready. We're hoping that will happen as soon as May.

He's enthusiastic about this fundraiser. It has taken a huge burden off his and Jeannine's shoulders, and allowed them to focus more on his health, and not worry about losing their house.

How can people help?

Go to to get more information. See what will be auctioned.  See when and where the events are, and so on. 

Go to to learn how to be a bone marrow donor. 

Go to the local blood donor center and donate blood and platelets (patients in Pres' situation go through a lot of blood and platelets). If you might have some animation art to donate, contact me through the website.

We don't have a specific target, but we're hoping to raise at least $50,000. Ten percent of whatever is raised will go to The Actor's Fund, which is a charity that helps anyone in the entertainment industry (including animators!).

If you're potentially interested in donating a piece of animation art for this auction, contact me at

Some of the items donated for auction:

Al Hirshfeld

Ed Nofzinger

Rowand Wilson

Jack Kirby

Kent Melton

See more auction items here.

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